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well said even if it was a

well said even if it was a little puffed up, i wasnt looking for a rant, and if you look at the comments in the article you will see that YES someone did start to say they were pulling their kids out, yeah those people probably are not the best ones to run a daycare, and i have no doubt "you are watching"

But the truth is long after you choose to stay silent to "protect your safety" the conversation will continue!

It will just be carried on by people who not only are "taxpaying, law abiding citizen of the United states of America" but are also not afraid to stand up and put their name on it.

My mom works in a place in lisbon, a place that cares more about how many catalogs they make then the safety of their workers, its a god awful place, they put a survey and suggestion paper out , workers were told to sign their names, only 5 people put something down, two weeks later the same box appeared saying that they could keep their identities secret, the box had to be emptied twice in the same day,

truth be told if people want to remain cowardly then thats fine, if you believe in what your writing sign your name and quit bellyaching about some childhood nightmare made up about hordes of people hunting you down and lynching you

get over it, if not goodbye!

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probably the reason you couldnt find our organization is because we are privately held, i dont even think we have a website, i know we have a facebook lol

As for credentials that is just letting you know who i am so people dont think i am trying to mislead them, nothing more nothing less inferred,

I think that SJ showing your name and city is not a bad thing, it means accountability, i doubt everyone is going to break out the chains and clubs and go beat you up if you say something you strongly believe in, As for confidentiality nothing is confidential i work IT and if i wanted to i could find anyones house just by finding their IP and tracing it to the NOC and then to the modem, heck if you know what your doing an "unverified" poster could be tracked right to their pc in their house, they arent asking much, just for people to be accountable to the beliefs they have without hiding behind the wall of unknown

I do see the point where people dont like this new system, i even seem to understand why, but alas it does not matter what they want, SJ has made the decision and you will either verify or hit the road

Sorry i was so quiet, SJ doesnt notify us with replys to a topic (might be a good idea in the future) and we are preparing for a ride along with public works for the storm coming along!

Link to our facebook, its not always updated and we by no means claim to know all that goes on!


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Although I am Inclined

to think shawn may be insane he is a lot closer to the truth then most would give him credit for, while i work for the media and we "share" with everyone, we area smaller presence in maine and dont always get taken seriously, plus the fact we deal with "spot" news storys mostly, check this out anyone hear about the accident on 95 northbound the other day with the 18 wheeler, did the SJ tell you that he was SLEEPING, i think it was something like " PHOTOS: Sleeping driver careens big rig off Turnpike" to be more accurate. what the photos didnt tell you was the DRIVER WAS NOT asleep, he told the state trooper he had been feeling sick lately, but he never went to sleep, i know because we were onscene 10 minutes after the crash and spoke with troopers onscene. SJ did go out ot the site much later in the day AFTER we told them it had happened, i got nothing against sharing info with the other outlets, but to say we cover up things is a bit brash shawn.

It is true that the media can be censored because corporate interests usually watch the lower guy, because we are a private company and financed by other then choking ads we tend to give you "both sides" more often.

Bravo to the sj for the incredible way they cover this region, its too bad more people dont open their eyes as you say, they walk around in a daze wondering what to think until WE feed them what to think, they could think for themselves, that is allowed right, it would require a new line of thinking though, and i think that somewhere along the way everyone just got too lazy.