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State police mulling asking for help.

State police have had 33 years to solve this case and have not been able to do it. Police have to stop and think about the family involved, she has loved ones without answers. If they could have solved it, it should be done by now. Stop with the discussions state police and ASK FOR HELP. It should not be about pride for the police and containing records. You have had your time, now let someone else try to resolve this. The family needs closure! Kimberly Moreau has been missing for 27 years, and there are plenty of other families who too have unanswered questions. For the family, I hope they follow through and this can be resolved!

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Palmyra grandparents plead for teen's return

The newspaper should have included a picture of the missing girl so the public would know who to watch for!

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missing in Lewiston

I am really upset to NOT see a picture of this woman. I am Kimberly Moreau's sister who went missing in Jay, ME May 10, 1986. The public cannot help find this girl unless they know what she looks like! Any time a person goes missing it should be put in EVERY MEDIA spot ASAP. It is really sad for her family and they need help! A PICTURE IS A MUST!