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Forgive me for thinking I could tie you to the subject that was originally brought up in this article. I should have known better. Here's an article about a bill and the great bi-partisan effort from all, and you talk about how he signed it. Great point. My point is, if he signed it with fireworks, and flashing lights on the 6 o'clock news right in your front yard, you would have found something wrong. Whether it be he used blue ink instead of black, signed with his left hand instead of right, or what have you. Can't let an article get posted in the Sun Journal without slinging slurs at the Gov!


No doubt that taxpayers of Maine will be footing the bill to this. But could you please provide the proof and/or documentation that says the poor and elderly will be paying for this and apparently no one else? I tried to find something supporting your claim, but could not.

It's a good bill. You can't

It's a good bill. You can't even give credit where credit is due. You have such a deep seated hatred for all things not liberal it would pain you to say "good job" Gov." LePage has kept many campaign promises, something unheard of in todays politics, and everyone from insurance companies to businesses opening up in Maine, directly credit LePage or his staff. And all you can do is sit there and say "Taliban Paul signed in secret." Even if he signed it right in your living room, in your face, instead of the janitors closest at the capital, you would criticize "Paul Hitler for using blue ink instead of black, because thats his style." Very petty.