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Congratulations Gentlemen!

Wishing you the best in your life together!

Jerry Aripez's comment here

Jerry Aripez's comment here is what intolerance looks like people! Now be sure to read his other negative comments below. It's full of guessing and references to the Washington Post. The same "newspaper" that changed two articles after they were posted online when someone discovered the articles weren't favorable to President Obama. I review my facts with the original Washington Post article, before they revised it.

White House is to Blame

Once again the news is slanted to the left. The Obama white house is the one who created the sequester hoping the right would cave and pass a bill to his liking. They didn't, so now Obama is saying this is the right's fault. Do your research people and stop listening to the far left radicals.

And then think about this: How much money was spent on Obama's pet projects such as Solyndra? What happened to all that taxpayer money they received? Why is the IRS head still collecting her salary? Why is Obama going to Africa when it's going to cost us taxpayers $100,000,000.00? Why is the Obama administration spending billions collecting data from each and every American Citizen? Why are we still sending billions to countries who hate America? The list goes on and will continue as long as Obama is in office.

I know someone is going to call me a right-wing nut, but they would be wrong. I am a middle of the road independent. I vote for the one who proves to me they are the best choice regardless of party affiliation. When I hear one side bashing the other, I take the time to find out more before making my decision. More people should do the same.