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Radical liberals

The Founding Fathers were radical liberals who fought against a KING and the rules of law of the time. They broke every rule they could find and committed treason when signing the Declaration of Independence, . Remember the American Revolution !-- Colonies vs. the King of England. They were big time trouble makers ,with radical ideas of liberty and justice for all and rule by the people. These were not conservative ideas in 1776 !!!!

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border is safe

Have you noticed that the border patrol have stopped all the people coming in !! yes we caught them !!! they are not just going anywhere they want to go we have them in detention centers ! The law that says they must have a hearing before they can be sent back was a change made by the GW Bush admin. before this we could just send them back. The Border is being guarded. Pres. Obama is following the existing law . Have you seen the stock market lately ? things are doing much ,much better from the days of the great recession of 2008 . We are recovering from the mess Bush left on his way out.
President Obama has deported more people than any other President --did you know that ?

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Social Security and Medicare WELFARE !!

Gov. LePage stated in todays paper that Social Security and Medicare were WELFARE pure and simple. He should be asked to sign a pledge that he will never collect his social security welfare or sign up for his Medicare welfare.
People work and pay for years into social security and Medicare and they have earned these benefits, they are not welfare. THIS IS NOT TALKING SENSE!