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Dress Code

Mr.Landry is the most unhappy man I have ever met. If everything in town does not go his way he complains.I have never heard him give anyone a complainment. So if he does not like the way people who work all day come to the selectmans meeting right from work without supper then he should stay home. I see nothing wrong weith the way these men dress. Keep up the good work.

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Need for high school to play basketball

The teams should be able to use the courts at the Farmington Community Center while they are unable to use the high school because of the renovations there. The old High school used the community center back when I went to High School and we never had a problem so what is the problem now. That is closer to home than Livermore Falls and even closer than Wilton . Think about it and use the community center to make it easier for the kids,parents and families and friends.

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Flags erected in Byron

I have a lot of respect for the flag and what it represents FREEDOM. However I also believe in wind power as we need to make changes in the United States and try to save money. Wind power is one way to do it. I see nothing wrong with putting turbines on high mountain tops to get the power to prduce electricity for everyone use. Maybe some people do not like to look at them but what one likes someone else does not and you cannot PLEASE everyone in the state of Maine. Learn to live with it.