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You're correct on every

You're correct on every point. I believe we both want the same things. It's just that we disagree on who will pay for them. We probably have more in common than things we differ on, but it's unlikely that we'll ever get to explore them in this combat zone.

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"I'm not making anything up

"I'm not making anything up about LePage."
Nor am I making anything up about obama.
"He is doing a terrible job at Governing."
The same could be said of obama. His attitude is destroying this country.
...."and he's not doing anything of great significance to the people of Maine."
LePage was elected to do things for the people of Maine not to them. Yes, he may be coming up short on some of those.
"Now he's requiring those on welfare to work, there are no real jobs out there."
There are plenty of jobs out there, but those on welfare tend to look for "positions" and, yes, there are probably not enough of those. I don't know how often you get out, but there isn't a fast food place or coffee/donut shop in all of Lewiston-Auburn that isn't looking for help.
We have people who don't, some won't, work and have all or most of the things that working people have. I can recall when if a person didn't work, they probably didn't eat. Treat a person as he is and he will remain as he is; treat him as he could be and he will become what he should be.What do you think is going to happen, Frank, when the parasite becomes larger than the host? If we stop paying people not to work, a strange thing will happen; they will take jobs and go to work.
"The guy needs to go ASAP"..........
Ditto for Mr. obama.

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I believe you'll be glad you

I believe you'll be glad you did.