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Mike's a straight-forward gentleman...

I have voted for Michaud every time he has run. Mike Michaud kind of reminds me of the guy who was my all-time favorite Governor of Maine ; Joe Brennan. Joe was savvy, hip, "with it", very intelligent and got his point across in a firm, yet respectful way. I believe Mike Michaud has similar qualities. He also looks like a pool player, like Governor Joe...he's a damn good pool player.

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There are two big differences between 2014 and 2010...

First, Mike Michaud is, by light years, a much more formidable candidate now then Libby Mitchell was in 2010. Second, We didn't really know who Paul LePage was in 2010. We got glimpses and sound bites during his campaign, but those snipets don't come close in comparison to the actions and words we have heard, read about and seen since he took office. And this time around I don't see the moderate vote siding with Cutler as much as in 2010 because Cutler's democratic ideals are wrapped in the independent label. Michaud comes from the working class and has carried the veterans of this state in highest regard. I believe Michaud will carry 42% which will be enough to put him in the Blaine house.

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If one is allowed to purchase soft drinks with an EBT card then who are we to judge? The consumer is not violating the system IF THE SYSTEM ALLOWS IT! If one wants to complain then make a call to, or e-mail Health & Human Services. But don't hold it against the consumer, and I say this for two reasons... First, there is no abuse of the system, and second, you don't have the right to.