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Just like your democratic

Just like your democratic President and Senate is doing in Washington. Telling everyone what they can and can't have for healthcare. No thank you. Someone who just votes party lines and is not interested in the people they represent is not someone we need here in Maine.

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michaud political agenda

I agree this is all politically motivated and it makes him no different then what is going on in Washington right now. If this is a sample of how he operates, we don't need it. At least LePage is open, up front and isn't afraid to speak his mind, which I know ruffles the feathers of thos PC people and the touchy feely ones also. LePage needs to stay right away fromt his subject.

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Mike Michaud Gay - So what!

In response to several commenters: Mike Michaud is a career politician and a mill worker. Might I say, a Union mill worker. Big Democratic party support right there!

I know he has done alot for the veterans, but I don't want to go back to the baldacci years of spend, spend, spend and someone who is backed by Unions.

He didn't come out with this now because of little whispers. That is just an excuse to bring this up for the people of GLBT communities. Homosexuality is such a big issue now, that no one in any campaign is going to make this an issue and thus won't be a distraction. If anyone tries to make anything of it, then they are going to come back and say that they have prejudicial issues with his sexual orientation.. Nope, this was done to gain another avenue of support from the GLBT voters. It was purely political.

I didn't read in the article it was the other party leaking this stuff. Don't forget the democrats are very good at leaking crap. Just look at your own party in the White House.

For the commenter who made the comments on Lepage. Go read the article from a couple of weeks ago in this paper and then go in and read the 8 chapters of articles and see what Lepage has done for human rights issues and the state. Go in and read how he worked in a bipartisan effort with a democratic leader on women and children's abuse issue. Read how this democratic politician gave him kind words for his leadership on this.

For all those that think this is going to be a campaign issue and you can't wait to see what LePage and Cutler fall on their face with this. Wait and see. You are going to see that they will say "It has nothing to do with how he will govern".