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Just a few Facts

There is still plenty of time to join and network with others who are impacted by the Rollins wind turbine sprawl.

In Mars Hill 17 lawsuits were settled with aggrieved property owners with one big suit still pending. Of course, there are gag orders so noboby can say what the settlements were.

In New York a wind company offered nearby homeowners "noise machines" to drown out the wind turbine whooshing and pulsing which kept them from sleeping. Those people are forced to sue for damages from a company who recognizes their turbines are a problem and offered a solution which is not only insulting but adds to the problem.

In Australia a wind developer was ordered to purchase eleven homes which a judge deemed unlivable after the turbines began operation.

There is widespread acceptance that complaints from turbines are real and monetary damages are being awarded.

The site is It may be well worth your time.

Thank you.

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Not Vitriol, Just Facts- Darn , Those Pesky Facts!

"The Wind Cartel"(LePage quote), Maine at work.

Defy laws, defy citizen concerns, cost , environmental damage, noise, illegal takings, and anything in their way.The reason is , Maine was bought and perverted by the Expedited Wind Law of 2008 and the corrupt wind lobby.
Scoundrels like Angus King now wish to shove the knife in deeper by pushing for more subsidies if he is elected senator.
King epitomizes the self - serving nature of wind developers.

It is Obama crony-capitalism at its worst.

Wind in Maine has nothing to do with the general good or power generation.

It is a failed fad world wide. It is all about subsidy scamming green fadism.

It is all about getting subsidy money from the Obama administration.

It is an Enronesque and Solyndresque plan, that will economically and environmentally kill the state for decades to come, unless it is stopped now.

Mr. LePage, Do Something please!

It will kill business development with increased costs to all,long term.

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Get a 600watt (880w@120v) small microwave--- or

a 800 watt @ 120 v cheap toaster at Walmart!

A 1500w 12 volt inverter (if you have 12 volt solar system battery storage) will easily power them for the limited time you need them. A 800 watt unit easily pulls approx. 60 amps@13 v for a few minutes, easily done with golf cart battery storage of 600 amp/hrs.

I also run a 10 amp vacuum cleaner and a small washer (apartment size) unit.
Run the units at peak sun to lower consumption from storage as well ,if possible.

Let the power crunch come! (it won't)!
People will just get poorer in many ways from the wind scam, and lose their property and much more.

Citizen power will always find the solution though.

As we well know, Grid Scale Wind is a Societal Farce preying on the uninformed, sucking our tax dollars to the elitists and crony capitalists , for little good to the consumers at large.