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Speed vs. seniors

I don't understand why a new special program (task force?) will focus on elderly drivers and how to remove their licenses when we have so many of these highway DEATHS lately involving young drivers, inattention, speed, and distraction. Something is wrong with this picture.
Is anyone attempting to revamp the curriculum of the drivers education programs and the instructors at the driving schools? I would think parents of teens and 20s would be so concerned about these way-too-frequent and preventable highway deaths that they would take responsibility for re-training their younger drivers.
This is so disturbing, so sad, and preventable.

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It happens a lot!

I avoided the same thing in the morning when I left Hannaford. Heading back to town, a man driving a car entered Sabattus St. (from perhaps Furbish St.) on the right, in front of me. He did not slow, he did not pause, he did not stop at his stop sign. And his head did not turn to the left to LOOK if any cars were coming along Sabattus. Fortunately, I was driving the speed limit and could slow down enough to avoid crashing into his rear or side. I have witnessed this exact non-stop, non-pause at least a dozen times the past few months in Lewiston.
Just like many citizens said at the recent public hearing in Auburn, it's not about adding stop lights or adding lanes. It has to be more attentive driving by each person behind the wheel of a vehicle. That means looking and heeding the speed limits.

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Definitely Too Easy

As a quasi-student of criminal justice, I am appalled, again. When an insurance company pays the bulk of reimbursement, guess who really is repaying that fraud? The rest of us. What's even worse perhaps is that we are helping to pay that $5,000 monthly pension while some of us are struggling on less than $1,000 a month, have skrimped and saved, and have not been appointed or elected to a government job. The report doesn't say if he's going to a cushy federal prison or the state prison.