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So In a five year period this trooper has used deadly force twice. Is this guy unlucky or trigger happy? I am interested to find out. If it is the later he should get a good look at the other side of the criminal justice system. What are the odds in rural Maine of one officer's life coming under threat requiring a deadly response two separate times in just 5 years?

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I have another idea

Let's leave motorcyclists alone and allow adults to make their own decision, whether you might make a different one or not. Let's get rid of the seatbelt law and do the same. While I think sharing ideas and educating others is great, the belief that imposing onto others to take actions even minimal to protect them from themselves and their own decisions is self-important at best, even God allowed people free will. If the author is concerned about the need for a helmet or seatbelt by all means wear one but let other's live their own lives making their own decisions free from aggressive interference from the state. I will never understand the do-good busy bodies who want to save everyone else from themselves.

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What is a Volunteer

Volunteer-Somebody who works for nothing: somebody who works without being paid.
Taxing someone to provide compensation would negate them being "volunteers", no?