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Many cruisers have on-board video recorders; which work when the cruiser is running. If an officer is at a crash from 6-8 hours it is likely a crash involving serious injury or death; in which the incident should be documented from the time they respond to the time they clear, the onboard recordings allow for that. Also, to assume the State Police would take over in a serious crash would be incorrect; the Oxford County Sheriff's Department, and many other departments in Maine, cover all their own crashes (sometimes with the assistance of other departments).

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If the Save Rumford group would have supported the selectmen's budget in July we would have had about the same budget as now and would not have spent extras on elections. We spun wheels for two months and accomplished nothing; it is a hollow victory. Now a loud few are calling to freeze hiring; all that will do is increase overtime to reach a level of service the voters approved this past vote. If the people smart enough to actually accomplish things stopped being negative and worked toward a solution we would get a lot more done. How about we spend more time now being productive in working towards regionalizing services.

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Merging of services...

I don't see how it would make any sense to hire ANY leadership positions (Town Manager, Department Heads, etc.) in any Town participating in the study for regionalization of services. I would think making short-term, interim decisions would be most prudent. Rumford hires a Town Manager next month and when the study is done they say, "Rumford/Mexico should share a Town Manager"...we have wasted time and money. Mexico hires a Police Chief and when the study is done they say, "Rumford/Mexico should share a Police Chief"...more money wasted. Just my $0.02.