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The murderer

I hope that Grace Burton's killer will be found. And I can imagine the family is so frustrated because he hasn't been found. However, now that there might be a dollar sign attached, some slimeball could reap the benefit of keeping their mouth shut til now. That alone is an injustice.

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Need vs Want

I understand there's a real need for housing for the over-55 crowd downtown where walking is convenient. But it would seem that site would create a major "crowding" situation. And its new construction, which just isn't very historic in a historic neighborhood, would be the second structure that's been crammed in between historic buildings, and all within 100 yards of one another. (Remember...UMF got the Emery Art Center) And while I understand the private property rights of individual owners, I also feel this particular project is not a good "fit" for the downtown area. If the planning board okays this project, then maybe the Baptist church should build a parking garage on their front lawn.

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Linda...exactly what I wondered. The stench would have been awful.