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some want to know the names

some want to know the names of permit holders so as to brand concealed carry permit holders as bad or unsafe or dangerous. But permit holders are the ones who took the safety classes, underwent extensive background checks, far deeper review than the background checks done for a firearm purchase, often taking months to gather and review extensive background data by the state police. These permit holders are the ones carefully certified as solid responsible safe citizens. The people we should worry about are those who would never undergo, let alone pass such a review. The crazies and criminals do not bother with such a certification process. Permit holders are not the ones to worry about when their dog poops on your lawn. I feels much safer around certified permit holders than around the unknown general public

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Thanks for highlighting a very special community that deeply cares for its kids and so supportive of their efforts. Great teachers, coaches, parents, work ethic, school admin. We are so very lucky... not perfect, but that is part of being such a great place in which to grow up.

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We have no choice. It MUST be fixed. Yeah cut the governor's salary... and that will save a pittance; purely for show. But we must address the realities. The prior administration has said it is proud to have expanded coverage, as it gave uninsured people insurance. I heard them say it out loud in an interview recently. But that is them spending money (yours) that we just do not have in our economy. I am a health care provider and I see the system collapsing every day. Patients who need ongoing treatment are allowed only two treatment sessions, where we typically provide eight to ten sessions (phyical therapy). Rationing is already here. I live that fact daily turing away patients who need more than the ration allows. Ask any physical therapist to confirm what I say. We can cut every conservative's favorite program, eliminate legislators' salaries (do you realize how little that is, purely a token allowance) and tax the stuffing out of every rich person in Maine (there are what, a dozen of them? They don't live here; too many taxes) and we do not come close to fixing the problem. But what few understand is the fact that ACA (Obamacare) forces states to greatly increase their medicaid coverage over the next 2-3 years, almost doubling enrollment. Yes the feds pay for part of that for two years, but maine people end up paying it, with money we do not have. The ACA forces socialized medicne on us and shifts the cost to the states via vastly expanded medicaid coverage mandates that soon go into effect. That is why Sebelius won't allow waivers. Medicaid is the ghetto of healthcare and it is coming for you one way or another