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Many helped

I was among many passers by and neighbors and friends that responded to evacuate the vehicles and animals in harm's way. I thank each and everyone who helped us move the animals away from the smoke and heat of that devastating fire! John Pape

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Friends and neighbors and firefighters all help

My neighbor's cow and horse barn burned down today in Turner. We saved all the horses and cows. Many folks helped out. Firefighters from Turner, Greene, Leeds, Livermore, Livermore Falls, Buckfield, West Paris, Minot, and Auburn all responded. Great job to everyone who helped. Thanks all!

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100% MaineCare participation is called Socialism

A safety net is not 50% of the entire state population, should the total number of citizens on MaineCare rise to 700,000. 70K is but a stepping stone to the higher number goal voiced. No money is free. When interest rates rise, and 40% of every federal dollar spent is borrowed, bad times await. Free federal dollars are NOT FREE! Let's get the 3,100 truly needy onto the roles. Our government ought to take care of the few truly needy!