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Bribing kids to just show up?

I found this most disturbing: "“Last year, we provided transportation. We called people, knocked on doors. We offered free food. We had a free iPad drawing. Despite all those things, only 94.1 percent took the test,” he said."

If it takes those kinds of measures to get kids to school to take a test, then we need to look at the bigger picture - something the grading system fails to do. We need to look at the circumstances that the children are dealing with. We must work harder to convince parents/guardians and the children themselves that they need to be at school. It sounds like the schools are making those efforts. Kudos. We need to be patient because this is changing society as a whole and it can't be done in a day, a month, or a school year. It's going to take longer than that...perhaps a lot longer.


Library Books

The Auburn Public Library is working on establishing a network for those who can't get to the library. Currently we are working with three senior residences to place collections there or visit on a regular basis to exchange books. We are trying to increase our large print collection so that we can have more to distribute.


How the public library can help...

Concerned about "summer learning loss?" Remember that your local libraries sponsor excellent summer reading programs - lots of reading, fun programs, and welcoming spaces. Can't afford books? Come in and check out (literally) the thousands of books (print, e-books, audio books) that can be borrowed for free. We're here to help!