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Police Role Limited

I agree with your statement. It should be remembered though that the law enforcement officers do not determine any duration of sentence. That lies with the DA, Defense and Judges.

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Great Job

Great job by lead investigator Lt. Thomas Harriman; Oxford County Sheriff's Office.

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BIG Wind = BIG LOSS for Maine

The more we allow industrial wind projects to desecrate Maine's scenic beauty and mountains, the very things that outdoor enthusiasts flock here for to spend billions of tourist dollars, the more we will lose. Industrial wind projects will cause our electric and energy transmission rates to increase, another LOSS for Maine, since that will drive prospective business to other states. Industrial wind projects provide ONLY "temporary" employment opportunities and are not a stable source of reliable "permanent" employment for Maine families, just another LOSS in the Forbes economic job growth forcast. Lastly, our "Quality of LIfe" standing (24th) will do nothing but DECLINE on the Forbes rating if we continue to allow out of state, industrial wind corporations to continue to use and abuse our beautiful state. Industrial wind projects are destroying our WAY OF LIFE. This state should be focusing on how to attract more outdoor enthusiasts by promoting our wilderness and outdoor opportunities, NOT by letting big wind destroy them all. Get on the right track or get used to being at the bottom of the Forbes list for many many years to come.