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Kennedy Park Gezebo

I grew up in Lewiston, and remember as a "tween," not only shaking JFK's hand, but also the Republican Vice Presidential candidate's as well(Henry Cabot Lodge). The Kennedy event was in the evening, with lights, music and hoopla. The Cabot Lodge event was held at lunchtime and was much lower key. As an 8th grade student at the Wallace School (St. Patrick's) across the street, I had a modicum of lunchtime freedom, and went to the Lodge event. I looked at the park bandstand (it was called the "Bandstand," never "The Gazebo") from four different classrooms over the years, and always imagined that Alexander's Ragtime Band had once played there.

Much has changed in Lewiston since those days; the demise of St. Patrick's Church not being the least.

Although I would be classified as the "older generation," since I am over 60, I would hope that there are many people in Lewiston, as well as LHS alumni not living in Lewiston or the surrounding area (my case), who would be willing to assist in the restoration of one of Lewiston's most visible landmarks. I would also hope that it would be possible to use the restored bandstand for community concerts, musical and other cultural events.

I would be interested in helping.

Louise Saucier Valdes-Fauli