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Are you in our pockets too

Do you have blinders on? cause everthing he has done is not cleaning up. cleaning up is Obama fixing what Bush has done.

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He's an Idiot

I just want to say that the governor and im not say OUR governor i am saying THE governor is the most IDIOTICAL POLITICIAL we have EVER put in office. I dont know where this guy is coming from but he thinks that Public School Teachers should teach better but then he turns around and takes money away from the public schools and the money that he casino is suppose to give us for public schools he turns around and says no we will give it to the private schools. What kind of IDIOT does that to the Maine Public Schools. He is the main reason why right now that the state is lossing money and jobs. I dont know how we can do it but we need to get him impeached before he sells us to China.

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Dual-Ice Rink

The numbers are wrong, we would not lose money. They dont even have some of the organizations down on their paper that would buy some ice time and they are way below the number for Advertizing. They gave orgnizations not even two days to get Intent Letters of Advertizing to businesses, how do they expect us to get any advertizing for it when they send it out to us on Thursday Afternoon at 3:45 and it had to be back to the City Manager on Friday by 4 P.M., I too totally agree with Councilman Leroy Walker, you were totally against this 20 years ago with the Ingersoll Arena and you will be wrong about this. As the paper didnt mention what Councilman Walker said is that someone will build it in the next year or two and then we will have a tax burden for the Ingersoll Arena and IT WILL go to the taxpayer.