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Some unanswered questions here

This is yet another story that divides cleanly on party lines. I'm not a fan of the governor. But there some unanswered questions in this story. The governor didn't ask them to attend, he demanded it. Not necessarily a good start. In addition, the commissioner he appointed was there as well as the one board member he appointed. What I haven't heard was what about the other members of the board that he didn't appoint. Were they invited and chose not to attend? If so, shame on them. If they were not invited, which it appears might be the case, why? If they weren't it would appear to me to be a clear attempt by the governor to influence the hearing officers and bully them. Can anyone tell me if they were - or were not - asked to attend this meeting?

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BETR issues

One needs to keep in mind that a large portion of BETR funds go to out of state corporations! If your business leases equipment from an out of state firm that firm gets the check. Yet they don't have more than one or two employees in the state. Our businesses lease equipment from companies like GE, and because GE has new equipment in the state they qualify for BETR. Can you explain how this works for us? Personally, if we eliminated any reimbursements to out of state corporations and made sure all communities assessed personal property taxes on businesses I would support it.

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Pension costs

The whole reason we have a state pension plan is because we couldn't afford to pay, as an employer, the matching funds for social security! Last year the governor was trying to shift more responsibility to the teachers and state employees and reduce the amount the state pays in. The state already pays in less than they would have to under SS. So where is the money going to come from for this?