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chael, Thanks for the

chael, Thanks for the feedback.

Below is a link to Adams 50 test results (public & charter school results).

Crown Academy uses phonics & Saxon Math (with traditional instruction). Adams 50 uses Everyday Math (with RISC standards-based instruction).

I’d rather see public schools offer alternative curricula/programs on a small scale within the district. From what I understand, when Bea McGarvey taught in Portland, she had a teaching assistant. Her program was eventually dropped because of lack of funding. Will the Auburn teachers have enough funding and an assistant?

School Boards should insist that programs be piloted on a small scale before they are adopted district-wide.

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Should this be an alternative program?

A similar customized learning model is being piloted in Adams 50 Colorado. After the program was introduced, the school’s enrollment declined by 26% (Colorado is a school choice state). Many children (and parents) value direct teacher instruction and have transferred to the Crown Point Academy Charter School. Others have transferred to a school that is out of district. The Adams 50 charter school uses the ‘Core Knowledge’ curriculum (phonics/Saxon math) and a traditional approach. Allowing all students to progress at an individualized pace means that schools must invest heavily in online learning. Schools Boards must insist that data in support of this model be provided from unbiased organizations. Many stand to gain financially from selling these ‘district-wide’ reform programs to schools. Why not just start an alternative program in the district and let parents opt into it?

The numbers speak for themselves in Adams 50. When given a choice, 2,734 students exited the district, and only 90 entered. See the link below:

In the real world, employers don’t allow employees to move at their own pace. In most college classes, students are expected to keep pace with their classmates. College bound students benefit from classroom discussions that can only happen if all students are at the same point in the curriculum. Perhaps these are the students exiting Adams 50. Of course, parents in Maine have no choice when ‘district-wide reforms’ are implemented.