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Disruption Really

I get amused very easily by these so call truth reports. Tactics they are called. You can that AARP is in this topic aswell. They lied about the health care bill like everyone else on the left. Pelosi was right in some way have to pass the bill to see whats in it and it gets uglier eveyday. Medicre would be disruted if the law is uphelped, Govt page was right when he spoke about the part of medicare in this bill but the liberal press tried to drown him out and it didnt work. This article is another scarfe tactic from the left not beholden to true journalism anymmore jusy propaganda and gee I wander were they learned this, could it be they went to school of 1 Edward L Barney?I hope that people will take the blinders off and see whats happening to this nation if not please consult with me on truth !

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3rd world countries

Even our poor here in the states are far richer than those socialist 3rd world countries.

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I thought that their point was chaos Tea Party by far had a Strong point and the liberal media called them radicals etc now There is a Big difference between the Tea Party and this MOB. The Mob, I mean democratic demonstrators.
The Tea Party – Had proper permits, No Arrest, No Sexual Assaults, No Rapes, No Murders, No Drugs, They did not destroy Property, prevent business from opening or prevent workers from going to work, they did not defecate on Police cars, or slap police officers, They did not break laws, spread diseases, lice, crabs, nor did they prostitute teenage girls out.
The Democratic 99% or MOB – as of 11-4-2011, just in 1 city, had over 3300 arrest, 7 rapes, 100 sexual assaults, 2 murders and 1 death by natural cause, drug arrest by MOB personnel, Slapped Police officers, defecated on 2 police cars, pulled a police officer off his horse, reported 7 rapes, 2 people prostitute a 16 year old girl out, etc… I do not think I need to continue, these facts can be accessed online for proof. The Mob put out that no sexual assaults or rapes should be reported to the police. WOW these 99% just love breaking the laws of the United States so they can prove what? LET the MOB be KNOWN BY THE COMPANY THEY KEEP.
Let’s finish off here with a list of some of the known supporters of the so-called occupy movement. We covered some above .. but here’s a more comprehensive listing:
Communist Party USA. The American Nazi Party. Ayatollah Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran. The North Korean government. Louie-the-Lip Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. The Revolutionary Communist Party. David Duke. Hugo Chavez. Barack Obama. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard. The Black Panthers. Socialist Party USA. CAIR. Nancy Pelosi. The Communist Party of China. Hezbollah. Marxist Student Union. Freedom Road Socialist Organization.
Wow. That list of supporters must make you very proud. Is the 99% Americans or Communist? Hard to tell, for they know not what they want, so are being led by others