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Bruce Morris/Justin Crowley-Smilek/PTSD

Bravo Bruce!! Justin was a good friend of my daughter & her boyfriend and I don't agree with how this happened either. Cops need to learn a little street smarts and stop depending on their guns. They are wimps without their guns. They could have pulled out some mace or their taser, there is no way this should have happened this way. Cops need more training they are big with ego as long as their gun is at their side. And thank you Bruce for keeping this story alive!! Our Incredibly Brave and Noble soldiers should be treated like royalty, not street trash who have a problem!!

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The Schools should not be

The Schools should not be 'let off the hook' They should live up to the standards. Who wants a substandard school for our students. RSU 10 already shuns Homeschooled students and refuses to give out books and paperwork to help them succeed when we are tax paying citizens who have a right to these materials. Put the students first!! Isn't that what teaching is all about, not worrying about your image as a school. If you were doing the right thing you'd have nothing to worry about.