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If we can impeach a president, why can't we impeach a governor?

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Mike Michaud

Instead of talking about the Democrats spending, which I'm sure you have no idea
what spending he plans for Maine, why aren't you writing about what the hell LePage is doing for the state of Maine? Why isn't he impeached for his reckless service to the people of Maine? Sometimes there has to be spending in order for everyone to have the basic needs for their families. Not just helping people for the unfortunate job losses they face today, but how about basic health care? We have to take care of our own people, that's just a given. Why don't you find out what the spending is really all about? We have to have compassionate care for our children and our elderly and those who find themselves in dire straights financially and just need a little help to come through it. Whether you like it or not, we need to spend money for some things in order to take care of those in most need.

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It looks like him and Christi should be spending time in a rehab for bullies. Maybe they should read a book called; " How to Win Friends and Influence People".
and " The Heart of Leadership".