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Something to think about

How many divorce to be eligible for better welfare benefits? I have heard more than a few stories of ex husbands secretly moving back in after the wife obtains a free apartment for her and the kids.

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Fortunate Students

If not now then sometime in the future the students will understand how fortunate they were to have a teacher who cared and didn't just go through the motions to stay employed. Math skills are so necessary to go on to the better occupations and careers.

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College Student Voters-A Regional Problem?

What ever happened to the absentee ballot? If the student is attending school at a particular place he is not a resident of that local. The loose laws regarding registering the day of election in the town where your college dorm is damaging to the verification process. Not having to adhere to the residency requirments of obtaining your driver's license, registering your car, and paying taxes and at the same time allowing your parents to claim you as a dependent in their household and state should also be challenged.