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Hysterical rantings?

just because i value my rights and you don't , yes i am hysterical that a minority fringe of communist whakos want to end my freedoms and are more concerned with the need to pointing out capital letters than their right being violated,how pathetic

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What constituents are they listening to?

people i know do not support this ending private sales of firearms. talk about infringement of our rights, this obliterates them in the most basic of terms innocent till proven guilty. the members of the legislature need to review their purpose of being in augusta. they are supposed to be protecting our rights not stomping them out. from now on they should have to pass a test to make sure they understand the constitution but the majority have probably not even read it. this is feel good legislation that probably is supported by a poll in communist portland but the leaves out the opinion of of the state. residents should not agree with this and should send their representative a scalding letter for voting for this un american unconstitutional nanny state BS.ALL sales now will have to go through a dealer be recorded in a NICS check, and wham backdoor gun registration in maine disguised as a background check bill and a new tax paid to a dealer so much for free state and uninfringed gun rights

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Guns save lives too

How many of these people would be alive if they had a gun to defend themselves? more liberal biased "news". How about running an article of guns saving lives Mr.costello