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I was picked on when I was young because I was very big for my age. I learned to deal with it and drive on. The kids now adays are very week and we are making them that way. If they try to defend themselves they get into trouble. I have told my two girls if anyone threatens you or hits you to defend yourself and I will not punish you for it. On the other had if they start trouble they will be in trouble and it will be dealt with. More parents need to take this stance and maybe there children will not make the wrong choice to kill themselves. I have deffened a smaller kid in school against bullys and did not get introuble.

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Snow Plows

All I know is that I would want them to go through the red light to get the snow and ice plowed and sanded before I drive on it. Stop complaining or do the job yourself!

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Impeach the president

President Bush was not the best president we ever had but at least he was not trying to drive this country into the ground. He was keeping the terrorists busy in other countries; President Obama has spent this country into the ground and is trying to make this country like European by make us a Socialistic society. What we got to understand that most of the politicians are crooks, Republican or Democrat. We have to elect an individual that we think is the least corrupt. President Obama is not.