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it is the only choice they have. It's one thing to pay minimum wage, it's another to pay minimum wage when you are making those kind of profits, and your employees have to use my tax money to survive.

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Yet another comment that most people will not understand. Again I ask you to put your drugs away or at least share them so the rest of us can laugh at your comments rather than wanting to find a way to steal your keyboard. ^moron^ no wonder you are a liberal.

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Thats only scary because

Lepage should win. He's the only one with enough balls to do what needs to be done in this state, but since he isn't prim and proper this silly state won't re-elect him. Like everyone in this state is so much better than him as far as what comes out of their mouths. It's a joke that I unfortunately get the negative side effects from. Our state will most likely elect a bunch of democrats so the can turn the ship back around and continue where they left off....driving this state into the ground.