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I can tell your the type who believes everything they read

I happened to ride past the place it happened at 4:45am there were two cruisers blocking the area that it happened at when i returned at 7:00am they were still there with large saw horses the kind that thay use for road blocks with large pieces of cardboard attached to them over the spot on the sidewalk where the incident occured then two days latter when i go by the place theres white bleached out places on the sidewalk? You tell me are thay trying to cover up something blood perhaps. I may be wrong but i didn't think heart attacks were so bloody

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I heard a nasty rumor that this kid was shot by the police?

It seems strange that this kid died and the other person lived and if this guy was a athlete why would he have a fatal heart attack? something doesn't seem right I sense a cover up by the police?

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theres allways going to be drugs and crime in a city

But putting yourself in the middle of the worst section of the crime and drugs is just asking for trouble! I think you should try your best to find a better neiborhood.for your safety and your childs! Thats no place for a child to grow up. Just thinking of the things thay see makes me shudder! I don't blame you for being scared that section of the city is getting worse all the time and now their are gangs establishing a foothold in that area.Hence the rise in crime and in the drug trade! but i'm sure you see it more than i do.