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"Macdonald said expanding bus

"Macdonald said expanding bus service should wait until there is a need."

Poor Lewiston! The city just re-elected a mayor with such retro thinking. I'm sure he does not see how his thinking is tired and stale.

A city needs to create its own future not wait until its future is created by circumstance. A city needs imagination and courage, not clichés and regurgitation.

I dispair for Lewiston.

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Larry Gilbert to run for mayor

Larry is an intelligent and thoughtful man and will bring insight, imagination and discipline to Lewiston government. The city is forging head into a future that promises many good things. Larry Gilbert is the man to lead the community durng that time.

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Boy scouts accept gay boys

Why ever not! The righteousness of the opposition is staggering. How can one not ask if this fer of homosexuality stems from fear of the oppositions own unavowed homophilia?