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Mexico Recreation Center

This is a great article and I completely agree that the transformation of the Recreation Park has been exciting!
All the events & sports put on by the center help to bring families, friends, and our community together. We feel involved, we take pride in our town, and most importantly we are "staying" in our community on the weekends to attend these events. In turn, we are then stopping by our local stores spending our money here, filling up for gas, maybe take the family out to eat after, and so much more. The benefits are endless!

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Mexico Recreation Center is Great for our Community!

Looking back at these articles from 2011 is inspiring. The Recreation Center has improved our community as a whole and also makes family relationships stronger! As a mother with 3 small children, I have enjoyed the activites held by the rec center and my children as well.
Thank you to everyone for all your hard work!

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