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Are they taking donations

Are they taking donations there as well?

It would be great if they

It would be great if they would do this, those eagles have been there for YEARS and continue to return every year. I'm not sure if they use the same nest every year but if they do it's in a tall pine tree towards the right end of the island if you're standing on the Auburn side of the river. I would love to see a video of the eagles especially to see if they're having babies there!!

I'm not saying that her story

I'm not saying that her story is DEFINITELY true but saying that it could very well be true and I have seen flies crawling on their food so I wouldn't doubt that it is except for the fundraising page, which could be as she said, just something she hasn't deleted yet... It could be that she is just out for the money but even so, there are bugs in Wal*Mart and I'm glad that that fact is getting attention...