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Baby Arianna!

Your reporters need to actually listen to the family and check your facts, write down the correct information. More then one of the facts in this artcle is wrong. It's frustrating when you read a nice article about your family and it's incorrect, and I know for a fact this family would tell you wrong information. Please print the right information next time.

Its not all construction!

I do agree construction has affected some of the local businesses BUT not what Front Porch claims. They have been getting complaints for the past year or so about their slow service and high prices. We have stopped going because of both of thoes reasons. The food is pretty good but we ALWAYS have a long wait for simple food and the prices are terriable! $50 for breakfast for 3 people is WAY too expensive. I would be surprised if they stay open much longer. We dont bring our business there anymore, we dont want to waste our time or money.