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Abuse by Catholic Clergy

As a victim of Catholic Charities, at a Bangor boy's home in the 70s, I believe that the statue of limitations should be revoked when dealing with sex abuse cases.

Experts attest that it takes survivors an average of 30 years to come forward to express their abuse.

I was an early bird, I suppose, because I confronted Catholic Charities when I was 35, however, I did so only because I suffered other abuse, which then triggered my experiences at the group home.

The Catholic Diocese of Portland is not being truthful about the Hallee incident.

Renald Hallee is my brother-in-law, and he was a priest in northern Maine, when I was a boy.

He had an inappropriate, long-term relationship with my underaged sister. He could often be seen walking hand-in-hand down the street with my sister. Eventually, when a family member discovered pornographic letters of love, he was chased out of town.

He went south to Massachusetts, and never returned to the priesthood.

I love my sister however, she was absolutely groomed by this man. Given her age, when she turned 18 she left Maine to be close to him. She attended university and they were married.

I cannot tell if Hallee is guilty of the crimes he is accused of, however, given his experience with my sister, it comes as no surprise. I also believe the victim.

Catholic Charities of Portland is not being truthful. I am certain that they know about my brother in law and his short-lived antics in our parish. It is probably them who kicked him out of the priesthood, instead of moving him to another parish. Had they known about his antics in Bangor, and is that why they moved him to Fort Kent? Who knows. Only Catholic Charities and my brother in law.

In any case, the courts must be open to helping survivors come forth, and to meet their abusers, and be able to tell their stories. This is the only way that survivors will heal. We cannot take their suffering lightly.

I love my sister, but I hope, for the sake of all victims, that the Supreme Judicial Court of Maine will allow the healing to begin. Certainly, we know that we cannot ask Catholic Charities for help since they are the perpetrator, in most cases.

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Barney Frank to Marry Maine Partner

Being from Maine, but having spent 25 years living in Boston and in Newton, where Frank is from, I am thrilled that the Sun printed this story.

Barney Frank will also be delivering the eulogy for former Boston Mayor Kevin White, later today.

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Im looking for a meditation cave in Northern Maine, but one preferably without bears, and a little larger than the one Lugnut seems to have carved out for herself.

Does anyone know of any? This is a serious question, also. Im hoping to buy some land with a cave and turn it into a meditation cave, a common way Buddhists do retreats, however, I hope to convert mine into an actual residence, with a stove, etc.

If you have any info, please let me know. Also, would not allow hunting, mining, etc. on the land.