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They are speculating that it started on a porch so maybe someone was smoking and didn't put their cigarette out all the way and ashes started it or something rather? Just my opinion.

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I completely agree with you

I completely agree with you Frank. My parents owned a bar and just because people rode in on their motorcycles, we were deemed a "biker bar"....can never judge a book by its cover. Many people ended up walking through the doors and always came back because we had a great atmosphere and no fights. We never tolerated it. Plain and simple.

Whatever caused this fight, I am sure that charges will be filed. There is no need for all of this to go on. It is funny how quick a Somali is quick to point the finger at someone else when it is them that is causing the primary issue. I say this as matter of fact because my friend's daughter had many run ins with them at school, one time in particular where a somali girl complained that my friend's daughter wouldn't let her listen to her ipod, claiming it was hers when it really wasn't.....or my mother got rear-ended by a somali and there was another somali that was walking on the side of the street that jumped into the other van and then claimed that he 'injured his neck'. They have earned a name and after having as many issues with them in the past, they all just seem to be the same, unless proven otherwise.

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This is exactly why I am a

This is exactly why I am a full supporter for loud pipes on motorcycles....too many people say that they don't ever see the motorcycle. If the pipes were loud, they would be sure to hear it!