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All good points, but if you

All good points, but if you look at the cost of a big bus vs a van along with the % of capacity actually used per year, the big busses just don't make sense. Just one point of view that should be considered among many.

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Smaller Buses, Vans... We are not Chicago

How many passengers are on any one bus at any one time?
Big empty busses wont help the bottom line, or meet our public transportation needs in an efficient manner.

While it may be argued that we need to improve our bus service, we are running busses that are too big, too costly and too inefficient with regard to passenger loads.

What was not mentioned here was the idea by the Macdonald to better utilize more of the smaller capacity vans. We can do this, saving a lot of money and utilizing the fleet much better.

Big, expensive and mostly empty busses wasting fuel and maintenance dollars are not doing us any good. Buying more just because "everyone else is doing it" is not the right approach.

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This is the best story I've read in a while. So happy for all involved.