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Mr. Cyr

I prefer the "fight" to be over how much money and support not how much can be made by private corporations for "the betterment of our children". Florida has just closed down a charter school for receiving an "F" grade for two years running. Those children are two years behind. What is best for the children?

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Charter Schools

Thanks, Jerry. I didn't know where to find the facts. I did do an OpEd in the Portland (ME) Press Herald about Virtual Schools and researched that one very thoroughly. K12 Inc. comes out looking like a bunch of crooks. I fear any organization that is in it for the stock holders. Their bottom line is indeed the bottom line. Keep on posting the truth. We could all use a good dose of it.

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No Politics?

How can the parties associated with the charter school say politics should pay no part in this and continue to require registration through The Heritage Policy Center, a very, very "right" organization? The GOP is playing politics with this charter school initiative which is very plain to see.