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mother.....thats not a mother thats a drug addict!!!!

what mother or father goes to a methodone clinic not once but a few time and falls asleep behind the wheel with her kids in the car and kills on and gets away with it?....Why is it ok for her to do this but if a person gets pulled over and found to have been to the meth clinic they get an oui...im outrage with the justice system in this state....i can only pray someone realizes that she needs to do time for her crime and that is being dumb enough to drive all jacked up on methodone with those precious babies in the car in with one is now never going to have a chance at a life and the rest of the family has to live without....JUSTICE FOR MATTY....AND PUT THAT SO CALLED MOTHER BEHIND BARS WHERE SHE BELONGS BEFORE SHE ENDS UP WITH LESS KIDS THAN SHE ALREADY HAS.....WE WILL FIGHT FOR YOU MATTY....REST EASY SWEET ANGEL!!!!

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im not saying that he

im not saying that he shouldnt do time for this because yes he should and i think he will get what is coming to him when he gets to jail. But i also think there is so much more to this and the whole thing with the girl being pregnant and this child being born to all this is a hole sad situation but she also knew all about him and made the choice to be with him so it should also be addressed. thats what i am saying.