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The financials of this

Has anyone wondered why a circus that has made millions off the back of Rosie needs a fundraiser for her care. Why exactly are Hope Maine residents donating to this "charity"? What will the Laurita's compensation be? Something about this project just doesn't pass the smell test. Has anyone looked into the financial end of this to see who may be profiting? It sure isn't the elephants.

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Thank you

Thank you for stating the obvious here. It simply makes no sense to bring an aging arthritic elephant to the cold climate in Maine. This veterinarian, although perhaps well intentioned is putting this poor animal in a worse situation. His arrogance to think he can do better than the sanctuaries with their trained and EXPERIENCED doctors is stunning. The barn although well constructed is too small considering she will be spending the majority of her day in it during the winter months. Several elephant experts have openly questioned the wisdom of this move. And then to ask the town and it's children to raise funds to fulfil his dream and maintain his property (pet elephant) is beyond belief. I pray that the good people of Hope see this pipe dream is a death sentence for Rosie and put a stop to it. This whole idea is reprehensible and appalling. Thank you.