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again with the harassment

CEASE AND DESIST. what part of that are you having difficulty understanding?

No, the vacuum was created

No, the vacuum was created the day he disappeared, and rather than fill that vacuum, our Dear Leader and his neo-com chums declared "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" and sent in a succession of incompetent administrators who only deepened the divide between factions and completely failed at "rebiulding". They may as well have put up a sign at the border saying "OPEN FOR AL QUAEDA" since it was the opening they needed to get in (Saddam having successfully kept them out).

But do not make Saddam's brutal regime seem like Iraq's savior. His brutality was only surpassed by his psychotic sons, who would have inherited the country from him. He was reprehensible and cruel and destructive. But that was still no reason for the US to invade. He was no threat to us, and he was not harboring Al Quaeda, and it was clear from the start that there would be no WMDs in the country. The psycho only wanted us to think so because he was delusional enough to think that would deter us from invading. Instead it gave our President and his cronies the excuse they had been waiting for since 1992. I'm willing to wager they knew all along that there were no WMDs in Iraq, or they would not have started the invasion.

Consider another brutal regime that is run by an insane dictator and abuses its people and claims to have WMDs: North Korea. Why have we not built a case for incvasion? Because, unlike Iraq, there's pretty good evidence they have what they claim to have, and they're pretty likely to use them.

I think I strayed from my point. WHat was it? Oh, right. I'm kind of agreeing and disagreeing at the same time. We should never have gone in the first place. But we did, and we broke it and are 95% responsible for what is happening there. But the GOP has conveniently forgotten one thing: they, too, signed off on the agreement in 2008 that called for a 100% withdrawl. A call that was made by an Iraqui regime that did not want us there because it would make them look like a weak puppet of the West. Hence, our responsibility ended when we agreed to do so. To go back on that agreement, while making the chicken hawks feel better, would result in far worse than we have now.

No, you don't. And the

No, you don't. And the difference is I asked a legitimate question about sources (and by the way you never did provide a source for your contention that Obama was practicing this bogus concept). The "hounding" was in imitation of you, actually.

You, on the other hand, were not asking a legitimate question, you were asking a dumb rhetorical question as a means to harass. Those require and warrant no reply, even if I had been paying attention. Now please excuse me, I have a life to enjoy, so I will be afk for the remainder of the day. If that's okay by you. If it's not, that's not my problem.