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I have to wonder how often

I have to wonder how often the people complaining about how much it costs to get from Auburn to Portland travel between exits 75 and 86 without paying tolls..

you insult my intelligence,

you insult my intelligence, sir.

I didn't say illegals did not come to the usa over the fence and over the water. And neither of thsoe captions mention unaccompanied minors, so you are merely making false assumptions.

Fact is, every news report that is not on Brietbart or the Washington Times or other right wing mouthpiece point out that these children, the ones in this "crisis" were not captured trying to cross, but turned themselves in at the border because they were told (falsely) that doing so would give them asylum and a free ride.

I never said it was "all

I never said it was "all Bush's fault!" Especially when it was a bipartisan bill, nearly unanimoussly passed in both Houses of Congress, and signed by the President. Three times, as you point out. If it was so terrible, I would have thought that GWB and his Republican Congress would have killed it at the first opportunity.

So no, not "All Bush's Faault". Also also not, as your cronies like to claim, "All Obama's fault". Matter of fact, I don't recall hearing of it being up for reauthorization again since 2008.

So maybe while you think you have refuted my point, you in fact reinforced it.