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Out of State - Pro Marijuana opponents

I know why Maine residents may want to legalize pot. What I don't know is what motivates outsiders to come into our state and tell us what we should do. Where do they get their money? If people are made sick or dying because of pot, where is that information? - not in Google. So-called legitimate drugs have long lists of side effects including death. Alcohol has a long and colorful history. We know it causes harm, heartache, poverty, violence and often death - of either the drunk or someone harmed by them. Put everything in perspective is what I say.

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Casino Money

Casino money (for education) is simply a fund controlled by the Legislature who can always find a "good" reason to raid it - such as balancing the General Fund without raising taxes. Raising Taxes requires political risk. This casino Fund was created with promises of funding education. If they get away with raiding it the first time, they will do it again and again.