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I agree with most people, more laws on the books will not help the situation. Criminals no matter what the law says are not going to abide by any laws. Most all law abiding citizens already follow the law. Most all of the shootings are criminals shooting criminals or breaking the law, robberies etc. The only way to stop that is to arm the innocent people, police cannot be everywhere. The other issue s the Mentally Challenged, another thing the law is not going to change. The people that need help are going to stop seeing their therapist in fear of losing their guns, the therapist are not going to turn them in for fear of reprisal (God hope that this doesn't happen but let's be realistic) and therapist will not break "patient privilege". Most shootings, if not all, can be attributed to one of these things. Just my two cents.

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Now that you've had a chance to get immediate things done, been there, done it. Take it from the Doc, head over to the closest VA Medical Center or clinic with your latest DD214 and register for free healthcare for whatever you picked up overseas, even if you didn't get anything still register, you earned it, you deserve it.

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