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once they are born

I am always baffled that the same people that oppose abortions also appose welfare. People care so much about a 2 week old embryo but once the child is born they are on their own! Do you know how many children are in state custody, orphanages and foster care? A LOT! 1 out of ever 5 children in America goes to bed hungry... yet nobody wants to feed these kids.

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It is sad that people cant

It is sad that people cant afford to stay at home with their young children anymore. It is almost impossible to live off of one income with kids. The even sadder part is that childcare is so expensive that many single parents choose to stay at home on welfare rather than spend their whole paycheck on daycare.

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jusg saying....

I would just like to point out that 4.1 million private sector jobs have been added since obama took office. The problem is obviously not fixed but its a damn good start. Considering how long it took for things to hit rock bottom... its probably going to take a while to get things back to normal.