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You refute your own statements

In your initial post you say, "With roughly 2 million households in America having both guns and seriously mentally ill folks, mass shootings are certain to occur with regularity." Then in your reply to my comment you state, "Sane people both under stress and for profit are the primary cause of violence. That doesn't make the seriously mentally ill a scapegoat." So how is you saying that with mentally ill people having guns in their homes is not a scapegoat to the cause... And then you also add the word "seriously". This changes the entire aspect of the conversation. There are millions of people who live with dissabilities every day. Then you throw "seriously disabled" into the mix and the story changes.

I'm not saying that both sane and insane (according to society) are not both issues for gun violence. What I'm getting at is the media focus on the Sandy Hook shooting was that the person that did the shootings was mentally handicapped. This has been the focus of most of the conversations about bans has been directed at and using mental handicaps as the scapegoat.

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Mental Health

I don't see why everyone is focussing on the mental health aspect of this whole situation. Every day people who are perfectly sane, in the eyes of the masses, go through several stages of depression and highs. On any one given day a perfectly sane person can snap and go through the roof and shoot everyone around them... The key here is not the mental capacity of the person, it's the scapegoat. Mass shootings, and shootings in general, is becoming the new "cool" thing for people to do. It's a way for someone to devastate a large amount of other people and then take themselves out as well so they don't have to suffer.

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Domestic Assault

Why is this being limited to domestic assault? I would think they would have arrested him with charges of attempted murder.