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There are just too many good

There are just too many good jokes about a legislator who owns
a cupcake shop wanting to legalize pot.

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There is no mention in this article or online of any players being injured in this game. I could understand the bullying accusation if they were carrying an injured player off the field with every down... But based on the father's accusation:

I should:

1. Work less efficiently, because I'm better than the competition.
2. Ride my bicycle slower, because I'm faster than average.
3. Read and Study less because I'm more intelligent than him.
4. Stoop and relax my posture because I'm above average height.
5. Break up with my girlfriend because she's well beyond average beauty.
7. Take a lesser job because my income is in the to 10% of Maine.

What exactly is he trying to teach his kid? Bitch and moan because you've been beaten by someone who is clearly better than you?

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So.... basically she got

So.... basically she got fired for doing her job?