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Big insurance has been

Big insurance has been serving turd sandwiches for decades and here you are trying to sell it as filet.

"Who said that you can decide what other people think is a good plan for them. I is really none of our business." This is your quote from the other day.... Guess it doesn't apply to you?

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The whole uproar over these

The whole uproar over these policy cancelations is completely overblown. Only about 5% of Americans purchase insurance on the individual market, and not even ALL of those policies are being cancelled.

...of that 5%, it's projected that more than half will pay less for similar or even more comprehensive insurance plans.

So all we're really talking about is the 2% of Americans that will end up paying more for insurance, but they'll at least have a laundry list of consumer protections to go along with that price increase... cry me river.

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Bronze plans from different

Bronze plans from different insurers do not necessarily have the same features as another company, they only meet the same minimum requirements... They could have different networks, added benefits, different costs, etc. There are still plenty of choices between plans.