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Funny how they can use

Funny how they can use Volunteers to help direct traffic at fires and accidents and close those roads but they cant close a street for 2 hrs with the same people. Political posturing by the police chief is all i see.

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Not True

"When they arrived at a house on Bailey Hill Road, Grovo was assaulted by a man and police were called."

Grovo threw down a $20 bill and asked if anyone wanted to fight for it, So he got what he wanted.

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Casino Contridiction

This just posted on the Oxford Casino's FaceBook:
Thank you so much for your patience! We have hundreds of applications that we are diligently processing and will be communicated with applicants as soon as possible. In the meantime you may send questions to info@oxfordcasino.com to receive individual responses. Thank you again for your understanding!

Wow so lets get this strait just a day or so ago you had the Lewiston Sun Journal do an article that there were not enough applicants for more than 100 open jobs and now you have hundreds of applicants you need to get thou so please be patient. What a contradictory in postings. Sit tite people the ride is just about to begin.