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I've even seen people get in the left turn lane so they can beet people to the light, they went straight, and at a highly increased speed. What defense do we have to these creative drivers? They seem to make up there own rules. Like it is ok to pass on a yellow line if the person in front of you is only doing the speed limit. And the police are often no better. They speed, don't use turn signals, etc.

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Auto ownership

Maybe we need to put together a law that makes it a criminal offense to loan a car to someone without a valid license. In the other story of a chase today, the car was owned by a dealership and the driver's license was suspended. There is good reason for the state to be concerned.

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With all the accidents that we have had recently on 295, including double digit vehicle involvement, it is NOT a good idea to increase the speed. One of the reasons that we have the accidents is that people are driving greatly different speeds, from 60 to 80 or more. As Henry Bear mentioned some people will always go around 65, no matter the speed limit, for safety, comfort and gas mileage. Some will always drive faster than the limit, and if they are driving 15 miles over the speed limit now, they will drive at 90 if the speed is raised.