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Mr Wheeler

You have not been up their lately perhaps you should go take a look and yes in OCT of 2012 the eagle Eagle Scout project did clean up those cemeterys, that this town is beholden to maintain and the town never went their since I would invite any one to go have a look !! check out the story about the scouts at // and here are some pics as to what it looks like now at science hill cem / / I went to the Eddy cemetery as well oh and By the way if you want to know anything about this area just ask As I am descendant from the first settler of Dixfield in 1796 and my wife's family settled on Canton Mt in 1782 ! Don't tell me about the science hill cemetery I used to mow it when I worked for the town of Dixfield , and if you don't think its a disgrace the way our forefathers are treated maybe you should go back to where ever it is that you came from some of us are natives and do care !